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Nuance / Farve
28 Produkter
Prickly Pear Matte Avage
169 kr Vejl. pris 177 kr
121 kr
Butterfly Song Bird
129 kr
Plum Juicy
136 kr
Eddie Gus
155 kr Vejl. pris 156 kr
121 kr
125 kr Vejl. pris 129 kr
88 kr
Jason Wu
Midlertidigt udsolgt
136 kr
125 kr Vejl. pris 129 kr
Great Deal
139 kr Vejl. pris 156 kr (-11%)
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Jason Wu Beauty was created out of my creativity and love for beauty. It was meant to make everyone feel gorgeous in their own skin, eliminate the need to mask yourself in so much product, and reject the exclusivity of upscale businesses. As an extension of my couture fashion brand, I wanted this collection to be feminine, elegant, and luxurious, but accessible and affordable to anyone.

My brand’s goal is to let your natural beauty speak for itself while adding just a little extra charm. And we hope to bring this simplistic yet alluring beauty as a completely guilt free indulgence. With formulas free of harmful chemicals, JWB can help you achieve an enviable soft glam effect that’s natural but not ordinary, effortless but not careless, luxurious and influential but not excessive.